Bitext Launches New API Demo Site

At Bitext we’ve found that it can be difficult for people to understand the differences between the competing technologies used in text analytics. Our technology is based on Deep Linguistic Analysis, which gives the most accurate and useful results for business insights.

It’s not always easy to grasp the benefits of Deep Linguistic Analysis, so to make it easier we’ve built a demo that shows the detailed information you can get using our API. The demo consists of pre-selected texts that are sent live to our API for on-the-fly analysis. The results are then highlighted in the original text, so you can see exactly how the different parts of the text are analysed to extract useful business information.

Bitext API Screenshot

We hope you’ll find the demo a great place to start exploring our technology and the many possibilities it offers. It’s available at http://bitext.com/api-demo.html. To read more about the advantages of Deep Linguistic Analysis, you can take a look at our whitepaper. To see the Bitext API in action on your own texts, you can also register for a demo account.

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