The automotive sector deals with vast amount of data. Car manufacturers that want to improve brand performance, customer loyality and increase revenue, carry out lots of surveys to understand their customers. Surveying is great to extract insights that will allow to enhance current and future products and services to react to risks.

Bitext software improves the process of survey analysis by reducing the time and the cost needed to go through open ended responses. All while maintaining and even increasing the accuracy and consistency of the results provided to the final client.

Manual Coding

-Not consistent
-Not flexible
+Considered accurate

Automatic Coding

+Reuse your current existing
coding planes
+Cost efficient
+Detects new trends not
contemplated in the coding plan
+90% accuracy compared to
human performance

All our clients have different priorities regarding the aspects they want to know, that is why we help them to create a unique approach to open text categorization that suits them perfectly. Focusing on what is important to their brand: different customer segments, distinct technical aspects, unique service and purchase experiences. Discover how we helped them to understand their customers, diminish costs, and drive revenue by downloading their user cases.



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