Bitext offers a unique approach to the market of text analysis. The idea was to offer a tool conceived by linguists to achieve results way better than what is commonly expected from machines reading human texts. Being one of the first players in the market allows us to be aware of the new market trends and design the best tools for our clients to help them achieving their goals.

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The idea came from our previous experience in the field, the founding team discovered that linguistics was appreciated by enterprises. Bitext started as consulting firm before making the transition into a software one.

Because of their backgrounds: Linguistics and Computing our funding team was able to detect the needs of the market and offer the best accuracy in Text Analysis.
In 2013 the company grew exponentially and started its internationalization, mainly focused in the US Market. As a result, 80% of our current revenue comes from international projects, mainly from working with our clients in the Silicon Valley Area.
One year later, in 2014, Bitext raised its firs funding round securing 900.000 USD in seed money from our now supporters of Inveready.
At present Bitext headquarters are located in Madrid – Spain, a unique location to target European and American Markets.
And as a result of the company’s growth in 2016 we opened a new office in San Francisco.

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José Echegaray 8 , building 3, office 4
Parque Empresarial Las Rozas
28232 Las Rozas



1700 Montgomery Street, Suite 101
CA 94111