What's wrong with my bot?

Bots don't understand customers and cause frustration

Bots require extensive training to be able to learn how to properly understand humans. Most interactions with bots are met with frustration when “sorry, I didn’t understand” becomes the most frequent answer, causing users to stop interacting with them.

How can I solve it?

Turn your bot into a conversational expert overnight

Bitext Natural Language technology gives your bot the power to interact with your customers and automatically understand their requests with over 90% accuracy. Our technology is available in multiple languages and can be integrated into any bot building platform. You will have an outstanding bot faster than your competitors. It's as easy as making an API request!

Which one meets your needs?

A) I need training data

Generate artificial training data

Artificial training data automatically generated to get your bot ready faster

What if we told you that you don't need to manually generate all the query variations necessary for training your bot? Imagine skipping the most resource-intensive and time-consuming step of bot creation. We can generate artificial training data in a completely automated way, so you can have your bot up and running faster.

  • Advantages:
  • Increased

  • Available in English
    (Spanish coming soon)

  • Faster
    training time

  • Easy integration
    with any bot platform

B) My bot has problems understanding my customers

Improve your deployed bot's understanding

Simplify all your customer queries to make them easier to process

Does your bot return more wrong answer that you'd expect? Improve the accuracy of your bot without having to go back to training. Our technology works as a middleware that simplifies all your customer queries on the fly, including those with multiple intents and negation, making them easier for your bot to understand.

  • Advantages:
  • Increased accuracy
    (even with negation)

  • Available in English
    & Spanish

  • No extra
    training required

  • Easy integration
    with any bot platform

Achieve 90% understanding despite users writing incorrectly

Add to your bot the skill of understanding users’ writing mistakes

If you’ve been running your bot for a while, you’ll realize that it fails because people speak in a way that’s difficult for bots to train for. Our Natural Language solution handles with the way people speak reaching over a 90% accuracy.

  • Advantages:
  • 90% understanding

  • Understanding skills
    of spelling mistakes

  • Understanding skills
    of complex feedback

  • Understanding skills
    of multilingual queries

Obtain better search queries for your catalogue

Make it easier for your bot to understand complex user queries to search your catalogue

It's not easy for search engines to distill the relevant keywords from a complex search query. By following a Natural Language approach, you will improve your search accuracy allowing your bot to show your customers only the most relevant results, even with complex queries such as "Could you please show me shoes and boots but without laces?”.

  • Advantages:
  • Provide relevant

  • Trusted by
    market leaders

  • 50 languages available
    including Spanish & Hindi

  • Linguistics-based

C) I have no technical knowledge of NLP

Obtain custom bot solutions

Our team of experts can help you make your bot more conversational

Before choosing Chatfuel or similar for building your bot you may need guidance of how to deal with NLP to have your bot understand users. Or maybe you are already running a bot and don't feel satisfied with its conversation performance. We can help you to identify your NLP bot issues and work with you to make it fully conversational.

  • Advantages:
  • Comprehensive data

  • Requirements

  • Carrying out NLP
    production tasks

  • 90% understanding

D) I need to analyze my bot conversations

Extract relevant data from conversations

Analyze what your customers say about your company to take actions on time

If you already have a customer support chatbot, you know how valuable your customer data can be, including information about your products and services and how they feel about your brand. Our technology can extract key topics from your customers' conversations so you can take action on time.

  • Advantages:
  • Identify key topics
    with 90% accuracy

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Compatible with
    any bot platform

  • 8 languages available
    including Spanish

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