Training a conversational bot, no matter if it is a chatbot or an assistant, is a time-consuming task. It involves feeding the bot with different variations of all the potential user intents. The bot needs to understand that users can express their requests in differents ways although all of them have the same meaning. Right now the only solution for this issue is to perform the task through significant manual tagging and different training iterations.

How can Bitext help you?

Bitext middleware automates the process explained above to significantly shorten training time and increase your bot accuracy. We decrease your time to market by reducing different user requests to a normalized form that captures their common meaning. Once done, the bot is fed with these normalized forms, linked to their respective surface forms. As a result the complexity that your bot needs to handle is reduced drastically.

How does it work?

Bitext middleware is able to enhance the performance of both assistant and chatbot in different problems during the bot lifecycle: training and live use. For example, for an e-commerce chatbot, a user can say: "Tell me about the shipping conditions to Italy". What will Bitext technology do?

Intent rewriting: during training

Intent rewritting

Sentence rewriting: once the bot is live

Sentence rewritting

This preprocessing of user requests reduces training from months to weeks or weeks to days. It also makes continuous improvement easy and controllable.

Also we solve other common problems in bot training like double intent, negative intent, and conditional intent.

Contact us with what you have in mind for your product and we will help you define your text analysis needs.

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