The market now offers two different types of chatbots:

Fixed chatbot

Based on programming rules, these types of bots are very fixed and not particularly user friendly. Why? Their performance depends 100% on how have they been programmed to answer.

Chatbot based on machine learning

They offer better results than the programmable bots, and this is because they have an “artificial intelligence” that processes natural language. These bots are built to understand language over specific orders. However, they need to be trained, and this happens only practicing with customers, however this may cost your business some clients because they will leave your site after the first interactions if the chatbot is not able to understand them.

However here at Bitext we combine machine learning with linguistics to increase performance, and this can be applied also to chatbots, to solve the problem of training the bot.

How can linguistics
solve the problem?

If you integrate Bitext technology in your bot it will understand human language from the very beginning, providing the users with the answers they are looking for. How?  By providing it with grammars and understanding sentence structures with our multilingual parser.

We allow you to build bots in many different languages, considering also language variety. What does this mean? That the bot will be able to understand British English, American English, or Indian English. Our technology helps bots to adapt to individuals and language particularities should always be considered.

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