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Starting a new text analysis project might be a bit overwhelming, you may ask yourself: is my use case feasible, what is the best way to use each tool, how to extract the most value from both my data and the technology, how to create a coding plan that fits my data… Therefore, besides from our software platform, we offer linguistic and technical consultancy services. Get our expert help in the fields of:

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Sentiment Analysis Personalization:

Our expert team can customize the platform to analyze your data the way it is relevant to you. We can add/take away new topics and expressions and create custom rules that only apply to your business.

Coding Plan Creation:

This is a well-known tool for all of those working in market research, if you are using a platform like ours it is only necessary to do it once, however, how is it possible to create the appropriate one for your project? Our linguistic experts can create by evaluating your data from simple cording plans with general categories to complex one’s that require human-like precision.

Technical Consultancy:

Our On-Premise and personalized API integration service include best in class technical consultancy handled by our technical team.

Lexical Analyzer:

Due to our multilingual resources, we can help you to create a lemmatization software available in more than 20 languages.  


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