The SaaS version of our multilingual text analytics Customer Experience platform, aimed to customer experience officers, marketing executives, and VoC champions. Keep customers happy by turning all the unstructured text from social media, online reviews, call centers logs, and any kind of text into actionable insights.

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How does CX

  structure text

Structure texts

The text analytics Customer Experience platform extracts precisely what customers are feeling about particular topics – and even how strongly they feel – with over 70% accuracy across 8 languages.
  organize text

Organize texts

Bitext CX helps you create new categories on the fly so you can focus on what is key for you like specific stores, staff, pricing strategy, locations, promotions, products, or features.
  visualize results

Visualize results

Bitext CX will show you beautiful and interactive visualizations powered by Qlik. You will be able to navigate, download, and customize your own interactive visual reports.
Bitext data visualization    
  Bitext Customer Experience visualization

Identify Trends Immediately

Bitext CX takes the guesswork out of market research and customer insight, revealing trends that appear across your entire data collection.

Use high quality Sentiment Analysis

Over 70% cross domain accuracy from the start.

No Programming Skills Required

Excel-based and designed for business users. You will unlock value from the text, move away from manual processes, and save time while focusing on improving your KPIs.

"Bitext CX has a simple and easy to use interface, what we value the most is the speed in getting results. The results can be seen from different visualizations and this facilitates insight detection." - Beeva

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