Oriented to large and growing business that need to own a 100% customized and best in class solution.
Bitext OEM text analytics platform allows you to analyze text in more than 20 different languages. From English and Spanish to some of them most complex in the world as Arabic, Russian, Hindi or Dutch. Everything is customizable to your needs.

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Why investing your resources in building a text analytics platform when you can have the best technology from the experts in the field?

Faster time to market

Save time and money by focusing in on your core technology and leverage our platform to offer added value capabilities.


Unique technology

All our software has been internally developed, no third party add-ons and no open source resources.


Secure and confidential

Maintain total ownership of your data in accordance with your compliance regulations.


Flexible integration

Leverage your AWS infrastructure or go off the cloud and place it in your local datacenter.


Software updates

Your text analysis will always keep up with the technological and linguistic evolution.


Best in class tech support

You will have access to the knowledge base of our specialized Engineers and Linguists.

Contact us with what you have in mind for your product and we will help you define your text analysis needs.

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