Automating Data Annotation and Data Generation for Gen AI

Bitext automatically annotates and generates NLP data for and AI/ML applications, both for
training and for evaluation.

Our unique differentiator: we automate all processes, using our NLP technology to annotate
data and NLG technology to produce Synthetic Training Data.


Our Customers

Working with 3 of the Top 5 Largest Companies in NASDAQ

At Bitext, we generate different main types of data:

Bitext provides Generative AI services crafted to enhance your business solutions

Data Gathering for LLM Enhancement

We compile and refine data to sharpen language models for heightened precision and accuracy.

Sector-Specific Text Generation

Our offering generates targeted text for areas such as legal and medical to train your sector-focused AI.

Content Toxicity Evaluation

Our method employs adaptable metrics to evaluate and mitigate toxic content in AI-generated messages accurately.

AI Model Validation & Refinement

We scrutinize generative AI outcomes for quality across various markets and languages, adjusting AI to meet specific market requirements via Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF).

Prompt Engineering/Finetuning

We design and refine natural language prompts to accurately reflect varied user interactions with your AI.

AI Response Quality Analysis

Through our broad network, we enable an in-depth comparison of AI responses to boost model precision and reliability.

Accuracy Verification

We thoroughly check AI-generated content for factual accuracy and realism to avert the dissemination of false information.

Customized Feedback for Tone and Conciseness

Our tailored evaluations guarantee that AI responses are appropriately toned and concise, fitting the specific scenarios of users.


Text Annotation Tools to tag your data with Linguistic Knowledge: POS, NER, Topic

Bitext provides core linguistic tools to automatically pre-annotate custom corpora & datasets:


  • Lemma, POS and morphological attributes
  • Named Entities like Person Name, Last Name, Company, etc.
  • Key Phrases or Constituents
  • Topic-Level sentiment analysis
  • Offensive language

Lexical and Semantic Data for NLP applications in 77 languages and 25 variants

Core linguistic data for any NLP application: Lexical Data and Semantic Data

Lexical Data:

Bitext produces lexical dictionaries that contain detailed information like POS, morphological
attributes, frequency in corpora, and more

Bitext has produced these dictionaries for 77 languages (including Indian and Asian languages)
and 25 language variants (including 6 variants for Spanish, Canadian French, etc.)

These dictionaries are used for a wide range of use cases:


  • Lemmatization for search and indexing
  • Lemmatization for topic modelling
  • Spelling and grammar checking
  • Key phrase extraction
  • Corpus annotation

Semantic Data: 

Bitext produces synonym dictionaries both for general purposes (complementing WordNet) and for specific verticals like Finance, Human Resources, and Legal.

All synonyms include linguistic attributes like POS, inflected forms, frequency in Bitext in general, and vertical-specific corpora.

Synthetic Text Generation Tools to produce custom data with NLG technology

Currently focused on assistants/chatbots, Bitext NLG toolset generates custom training and
eval datasets for your chatbots.

These datasets are annotated for:

  • Language register (colloquial, formal, etc.)
  • Offensive language
  • Syntactic complexity
  • Spelling and grammar checking

We also tag speech/voice transcription errors (customized for different ASR engines) and other linguistic features like lemma, POS, morphological attributes, entities, and more

Pre-Built Datasets to train and evaluate your assistant/chatbot

Bitext has produced different vertical datasets to instantly train and evaluate your bot

These datasets are already tagged with:


  • Language register (colloquial, formal…)
  • Offensive language
  • Syntactic complexity…
  • Spelling and grammar checking
  • Speech/voice transcription errors (customized for different ASR engines)
  • Linguistic features like lemma, POS, morphological attributes, entities, and many more


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