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CX Customer Experience
The SaaS version of our platform allows to keep customers happy by turning all the unstructured text into actionable insights.
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Deliver extra value to their clients by using text analysis: sentiment analysis, categorization and concept & entity extraction.
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Oriented to those that are looking for a 100% customized solution able to analyze more than 20 languages.
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Who We Are

At Bitext, we are text analysis experts who specialize in linguistic technology. This gives our technology a unique advantage over other solutions. Bitext is designed to pick up deeper linguistic meaning, so it produces superior analytics results – with over 90% accuracy and precise topic detection.

Technology + Services
Our team of linguists can fully customize our platform to fit your business needs
Online Services
Start using our technology right now with our cloud services
Linguistic Approach
Our technology really understands sentence structure
Highest Accuracy
Precision rates of more than 90% can be achieved

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Our cloud services help market research professionals and data scientists perform sentiment analysis, categorization and entity & concept extraction, easily and effectively.

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