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  • Lemmatization

    Bitext Lemmatization Service identifies different variants of the same word (“go”, “went”, “gone”) without being misguided by apparent similarities (it won't relate "new" and “news"). This service works for over 50 languages.

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  • POS Tagging

    Bitext Part-Of-Speech Tagger assigns to each word within a sentence a POS such as “noun”, “verb”, “adverb”… It helps to solve disambiguation and make your work easier. This service works in more than 20 languages.

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  • Phrase Extraction

    Bitext Phrase Extraction service allows you to go beyond hashtags or keywords. It provides a comprehensive analysis of your data to extract the key phrases or concepts no matter the complexity and the type of text.

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  • Entities

    Bitext Entity Extraction service analyzes your text to extract entities (and their type, within over 16 types), to gather high-level knowledge on large amounts of documents, adding structure and connections to your data.

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  • Sentiment Analysis

    Bitext Sentiment Analysis service provides polarity, sentiment scoring, sentiment text and, most important, sentiment topic identification out of raw data with over 90% accuracy. It is offered in a wide variety of languages.

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  • Middleware for bots

    Bitext NLP middleware fully automates the training of conversational bots. It increases bots’ accuracy and makes them more human. Enhance the user experience and create a more effective sales channel.

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