Multilingual Hybrid Synthetic Training Data For Intent Detection

Industrialize training data production for any voice-controlled device, chatbot or IVR using artificial training data.

  • Recognize a user´s intent in any chatbot platform: Dialogflow, MS-LUIS, RASA…
  • Enjoy 90% accuracy, guaranteed by SLA

Fine-tune LLMs for intent detection is one of the most common use cases for Hybrid Synthetic Data today mainly in images or videos. We offer text training data in any language you need. Quickly scale or increase the amount of data in a fast and flexible way.


Our Customers

Working with 3 of the Top 5 largest companies in NASDAQ

“Any bot works as long as it has the right data. No bot platform works with the wrong data”

What is Training Data?

Training data is the data that is used to train an NLU engine. An NLU engine allows chatbots to understand the intent of user queries. The training data is enriched by data labeling or data annotation, with information about entities, slots… 

This training process provides the bot with the ability to hold a meaningful conversation with real people.

After the training process, the bot is evaluated to measure the accuracy of the NLU engine. Evaluation identifies errors in the bot behavior and these errors are then fixed by improving training data. This cycle is repeated

Bitext Synthetic Data solves the three main problems of AI data:

  • scarcity of data, tens of thousands of utterances per intent
  • no privacy / GDPR issues, no anonymization needed
  • scalable process, for different bots and different languages

Multilingual Training datasets for intent detection

We help you understand your customers either

  • if you do not have any existing training data and are getting started with your chatbot
  • if you need to increase the accuracy of your existing bot
  • if you need to expand your bot to other languages and want to keep the same accuracy across languages

Our Solution, for your current bot and for your new bot

If you have existing training data

  • If you want to increase the accuracy or expand the scope of your current assistant/chatbot with more intents and utterances, we automate the process and generate the training data you need in any language.
  • Our Quality Assurance and Improvement service allows to retrain the model regularly, to increase accuracy up to 90%, guaranteed by SLA.

If you don’t have existing training data

  • We offer different options according to your needs. From our pre-built vertical templates (bootstrapping) covering the most common intents for each vertical, to custom datasets for customer specific requests.


Access to Our Repositories

You can access to our Github Repository and Hugging Face Dataset

Linguistic Elements for Enhanced Intent Detection

To accurately discern user intent, AI systems must interpret a complex array of linguistic cues. Our data encompasses a diverse set of annotated linguistic traits critical for training AI to recognize and process these nuances with precision. These annotations span various layers of language, from vocabulary nuances to grammatical intricacies, adapting AI to operate effectively in multilingual and multicultural communications.

For a thorough look at the specific linguistic features that our datasets offer, we invite you to explore the dedicated page we’ve developed. It provides a granular view of the textual elements that enhance AI’s interpretative abilities, ensuring a more natural and accurate interaction with users in any language.

Further your understanding of these linguistic intricacies and their significance to AI development here:

Explore the Linguistic Features

By familiarizing yourself with these detailed linguistic factors, you can better appreciate the sophisticated level of AI training our datasets enable.

Verticals Available

Bitext fosters advancements in customer service technology by infusing Generative AI and Natural Language Processing into the heart of AI-driven support systems. Our approach is grounded in a legacy of excellence, enhancing the technical sophistication of chatbots with refined, actionable data.

Explore our comprehensive datasets, meticulously tailored to enhance customer support operations within 20 targeted industries. By fusing in-depth linguistic analysis with industry-specific expertise, we supply AI systems with the tools they need to deliver reliable, informed, and contextually aware interactions.

For detailed insights into the data solutions we craft for these industry verticals, we invite you to visit: Explore Vertical-Specific AI Data Solutions

Choosing Bitext as your data partner means elevating your customer support capabilities with:

  • Industry-Specific Language Precision: Data models fine-tuned to reflect the nuanced communication demands of your field.
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Relevance: Ensuring your AI can effectively engage with customers, respecting regional and cultural language variations.
  • Scalability with Integrit: Grow your customer service capacity with high-quality data that evolves in tandem with your enterprise.

Rely on Bitext to enhance your customer service AI with expert language data and advanced processing, delivering a refined service experience.

Retail Case Study


Deploying a bot which is able to engage in sucessful converstions with customers worldwide for one of the largest fashion retailers.

A Benchmark based on Dialogflow shows increased standard accuracy +40%.

See how automatic training improves manual training.

Get the full dataset used to generate the benchmark results. Check out how easy is to integrate the training data into Dialogflow and get +40% increased accuracy.