FAQ Retail Chatbot

Our virtual assistant has obtained 90% accuracy thanks to our Natural Language Generation Technology. The training corpus of our AI-powered Retail FAQ Chatbot was:

  • Built with 60 intents (the categories of actions or tasks users expect your bot to perform for them).
  • Trained with 250 utterances per intent (questions which can be asked to the chatbot or a set of real-life user statements) per intent


Do you want to test it?

  1. Open the chatbot
  2. Write down your query
  3. Or click on any of the real examples below (include typos):
Hello, I bought a pair of black jeans early November (I have the receipt) and received them as a Christmas gift and when I went to put them on last night I noticed there was a snag that appeared to be a hole in them.
Hello. I just purchased the float dress and I see the price dropped from 15.99 to 9.99. May I please have a price adjustment?
Hi this afternoon i ordered some items, but my daughter ordered the same for me cAn you please, cancel my order
Hi! I returned items from two previous purchases and I got email confirmations that you received them and I was refunded, but that was never reflected on my credit card. Please advise.
Hi, could you tell me where I can find slouchy heeled leather boots size 7 and a half (7 1/2) please?
Hi, if I am purchasing for pick up in store, and it says the 24th, must I pick up on the day itself or can I pick up the next day?
I am attempting to create an account for my intended purchases. for some reason I am unable to complete the application
I just put an order through and it looks like i accidentally ordered two of one item. Can I cancel one of them?
what is the return policy for online orders ? its from the day i received the order or day i placed the order?

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