Custom Hybrid Synthetic Datasets

The Problem with Data Scarcity

If data is the oil of the AI industry, we are running out of data faster than out of oil. Definitely, we have a problem. LLMs have used all data there is to ingest. New data is needed to fine tune existing LLMs. Hybrid data is Bitext answer to these problems.

The Solution

It’s manually curated synthetic data, so the data production pipeline scales but also avoids the typical problems of the generative approach:

    • Hallucination free. The corpus is 100% hallucination free. This makes it particularly suitable for high-quality LLM fine tuning.
    • Bias free. The corpus includes tagging for offensive language generated from human-curated dictionaries.
    • PII free. The corpus is 100% free of Personal Identifiable Information, there are no actual names but placeholders or slots.




Our Customers

Working with 3 of the Top 5 largest companies in NASDAQ

Empower Your Chatbot with AI-Driven Data Generation

Eliminate bot hallucinations and manual data generation. Bitext offers automated artificial training data to accelerate your bot’s readiness.

Our technology provides:

  • Artificial Data Generation: Automatically create query variations for efficient bot training.
  • Personalized Service: Tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements.
  • Increased Accuracy: Ensure precise understanding of user queries.
  • Faster Training Time: Speed up bot deployment with rapid training.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate Bitext with any bot platform.

Discover how Bitext enhances your AI-driven customer support with top-quality datasets for precise LLM fine-tuning. Raise your AI capabilities with structured, unbiased data today.

Improve your deployed bot’s understanding

Simplify all your customer queries to make them easier to process

Refine the linguistic comprehension of your AI technology with our established solutions in Generative AI and NLP. With a focus on developing reliable, rigorously-tested datasets, our query simplification and structuring technology supports advanced natural language processing and integrates seamlessly with RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) systems for contextually rich text generation. By streamlining training and fine-tuning processes, we offer tools that enhance prompt engineering and Semantic Search, coupled with precise LLM model fine-tuning, which together ensure the delivery of quality, accurate responses with efficient token usage.


  • Expertise in Prompt Engineering Technique
  • Structured Data Solutions for RAG and Semantic Search Efficiency
  • Tailored Fine-Tuning of LLM Models
  • Optimized Token Usage for Enhanced Response Precision

Achieve 90% understanding despite users writing incorrectly

Add to your bot the skill of understanding users’ writing mistakes

If you’ve been running your bot for a while, you’ll realize that it fails because people speak in a way that’s difficult for bots to train for. Our Natural Language solution deals with the way people speak reaching over a 90% accuracy.


  • Spelling Suggestions
  • Language Identification
  • Personalized Service
  • 90% Understanding Accuracy
  • Understand Complex Feedback and Misspelled Words
  • Understand Multilingual Queries

Obtain better search queries for your catalogue

Make it easier for your bot to understand complex user queries to search your catalogue

Enhance your catalog search accuracy with our generative AI and LLM-based solutions. By leveraging structured data and sophisticated natural language processing, we refine complex search capabilities, delivering precision-matched results to user queries. The integration of RAG with LLMs enables systems to address and comprehend multifaceted questions, such as ‘I’d like to see closed footwear options, preferably without laces, what do you have available?’


  • Advanced Query Simplification
  • Accurate Boolean Query Generation
  • Customized Service Tailored to Your Business Needs
  • Highly Relevant and Specific Results
  • Linguistics Knowledge-Based Approach
  • Trusted by Industry Leaders

Extract relevant data from conversations

Analyze what your customers say about your company to take actions in time

If you already have a customer support chatbot, you know how valuable your customer data can be, including information about your products and services and how they feel about your brand. Our technology can extract key topics from your customers’ conversations so you can take action in time.


  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Phrase Extraction
  • Personalized Service
  • Identify Key Topics with 90% Accuracy
  • 8 Languages Available, Including Spanish
  • Easy Integration with Any Bot Platform

Bitext’s Generative Technology:


Safeguarding Ethical Control for Your Customer Support Systems.

Ethical control is paramount for companies deploying customer support and customer service solutions. Bitext’s generative technology plays a crucial role in ensuring ethical compliance.

By generating training and evaluation data, companies can introduce their ethical policies into their chatbots or assistants. This empowers businesses to offer customers a superior service aligned with their ethical guidelines.

With Bitext’s generative technology, you can confidently deploy your conversational AI systems for customer support, knowing that ethical considerations are at the core of its interactions. Bitext’s generative technology plays a crucial role in ensuring ethical compliance.