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Empowering Conversational Bots with Expert Linguistic Data from Bitext

At Bitext, we go beyond just providing linguistic resources for conversational bots. We specialize in the generation, annotation, and curation of extensive datasets with powerful linguistic annotations. These annotations cover a wide range of phenomena, such as lexical variation, syntactic structures, language register variations, and more. Our meticulous approach ensures that the data is accurate, relevant, and ready to empower your conversational bots in multiple languages.


Customization for User Language Profiles and Ethical Control

At Bitext, we take customization to the next level by not only adapting to diverse user language profiles but also offering ethical control over the chatbot’s tone and offensive language. Our expert linguistic data allows you to fine-tune the conversational experience according to your specific requirements.

We go beyond the basic linguistic features and cover a plethora of linguistic phenomena, including regional variations, code switching, language register, politeness, and more. This extensive coverage ensures that your chatbot not only understands the nuances of different languages but also delivers responses that align with your brand values and user preferences.

With Bitext’s meticulous approach to linguistic data generation, annotation, and curation, you gain full control over your conversational bot’s interactions, ensuring an ethically responsible and engaging user experience in any language you need

Optimized Data Selection

Careful data selection ensures that your chatbot performs optimally on common platforms. We consider quantitative limitations, intent overlaps, and language variations to ensure the best possible performance.

Knowledge-Transfer Methodology


Bitext employs a unique knowledge-transfer methodology to adapt general-purpose NLU engines to your specific vertical or industry. We model the linguistic knowledge of your domain and transfer it to Large Language Models (LLMs) used in chatbots.

Integration with LLMs


The linguistic knowledge, including dictionaries, grammar, ontologies, and user linguistic profiles, is seamlessly integrated into the LLMs of your choice. This integration allows your chatbot to leverage the full potential of LLMs without suffering from hallucination.

On-Demand Linguistic Resources


With support for over 75 languages and their variants, Bitext provides on-demand linguistic resources for your chatbot. With Bitext, your bot will become well-equipped to handle diverse language challenges from different regions.

Enhanced User Experience


By harnessing the power of LLMs and customized linguistic knowledge, your chatbot can deliver highly accurate and contextually relevant responses, providing an enhanced user experience across languages and cultures.

Hybrid Datasets for Multiple Languages and Variants


Bitext provides extensive support across languages and dialects, powering conversational bots to interact proficiently in various linguistic contexts. Our language datasets are tailored to meet demanding linguistic standards, accommodating a diverse range of language preferences.

Gain insights into the languages and variants featured in our datasets, designed to elevate Generative and Conversational AI applications. For a comprehensive overview of our linguistic offerings that enrich AI interactions, please visit:

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