Disclaimer: This is not an application to buy actual plane tickets. This is a demo of how Bitext finetunes GPT to transform its behavior so it becomes a proactive Copilot for users in common multi-step processes like onboarding a new client, buying a plane ticket, or making a restaurant or hotel reservation. Bitext Finetuning Data and Services transform any (boring and error-prone) web form into a (swift and easy) interactive chat driven by Bitext Copilot.

Welcome to Bitext Copilot Demo

Travel Copilot: Your Interactive Guide for Flight Booking Simulation.

Welcome to the Travel Copilot. This tool is a simulated guide designed to walk you through the flight booking process. No private data is required; feel free to use fictitious names or information as the Copilot is solely for demonstration purposes.

Key Features
  • Proactive Interaction: Our Copilot takes the lead by asking questions and making suggestions based on your responses, steering you seamlessly through the booking experience.
  • Natural Conversation: Engage with the Copilot using your everyday language. It understands and interacts in a manner that’s tailored to you, ensuring ease and clarity in communication.
  • Flexible Changes: You can change any part of your simulated booking during the conversation, just as you would discuss options with a real-life travel assistant.
How It Works
  1. Initial Information: Start by discussing your travel plans such as destinations and dates.
  2. Flight Options: The Copilot will present you with flight options that suit the information you’ve shared.
  3. Further Conversation: As you choose a flight, the Copilot will continue the dialogue to define effortlessly other details involved in purchasing a plane ticket.
  4. Payment Step Not Included: The Copilot will inform you that payment would be the next step. However, this demo does not include payment simulation.
  5. Identification: A conversation about ID Document types follows, but no information is collected as part of the simulation.
  6. Special Arrangements: You can express preferences like seating or assistance needs in the simulated booking process.
  7. Additional Queries: The Copilot is equipped to tackle further topics such as travel insurance or visas throughout the conversation.
Instructions for Use

Jump into the conversation by telling the Copilot about your trip. Here are some ways you might initiate the chat:

  • “I’m planning a trip to New York for next weekend.”
  • “I need a cost-effective flight to Miami.”
  • “Do you have any flights to Las Vegas for less than $200?”
  • “I want to book a flight to Paris.”

Remember, the Travel Copilot is your companion for understanding how a real online booking experience might feel. Have fun exploring and imagining the future of travel assistance!

A Use Case for booking Plane Tickets


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