FAQ Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

I am going to create a bot; how can you help me?

Manually inputting training data is time-consuming and error prone. We can automatically generate artificial training data for your bot. You just need to provide us with an intent and its seeds sentences and, depending on the case, we will produce and tag between 50 to 500 variants you can feed your bot training engine with.

Why use our Customer Support bot automation solution

No matter what Bitext solution you use, your bot´s understanding and answering accuracy will increase, and you will have a more intelligent bot. Whether you are a developer or an OEM, we can enhance your bot´s comprehension, so its users will have a better experience and will be eager to use your bot more often.

My bot does not work well; how can you help me?

Complex and long queries may confuse your bot. You can send these queries to our API, and we will rewrite them in a simpler version that we will send back to the bot, ensuring that your bot will understand them easily.

How much accuracy do you add to a bot?

We can increase your bot’s accuracy from a standard range of 50%-60% up to 90%. We have benchmarked different platforms, like Rasa. You can read all the details in our blog, and even ask us the data to reproduce the benchmark.

What other benefits do you have for me?

You can generate data for different bots at the same time, so you won’t need to repeat the training process for each platform: Rasa, Dialogflow, LUIS, Watson, Lex… What’s more, you own your data. Since the data is generated automatically, as long as you keep your intents and seed sentences, you will be able to generate it at any given time. You’ll never lose your data.

Do I need to change my bot's development platform?

Our solutions for NLU and NLG work as middleware for the development of chatbots and can be integrated with any platform: Rasa, Dialogflow, LUIS, Watson, Lex…

What about the integration process?

Easy-peasy! Integration is based on data exchange: you just send us a user query and we’ll return a tagged or simplified query, always in plain text. At the basic level, you can integrate via our API. You can also install our software on your premises or cloud.

Do you offer support for the different integrations?

Our team of engineers will be happy to offer support either via e-mail, by phone or even face-to-face, according to your needs.

My bot is not in English! Do you support any other languages?

We have developed solutions for 9 European languages, but we keep making progress. Stay tuned or tell us which language you need, and we will be happy to work on it!

Still need help? Contact us!

If you have any doubts or any project you would like to discuss,  please write us at:  info@bitext.com