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Core NLP Tools for
Lexical Analysis

Available in +100 languages & variants

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Word Embeddings

Split text into tokens and embed them into a 300-dimensional vector space taking into account each token’s key linguistic features.


Identify all potential roots (lemmas) of each word in a sentence, using morphological analysis and carefully-curated lexicons.


Identify the compound words and extract the lemmas of the simple words that compose them.

Spelling Suggestions

Check the correct spelling of your text, identifying the spelling mistakes suggesting corrections for them.

Lexical Dictionaries

Recognize all words in your documents via our linguistically curated wordlists that cover all words of each language, including their morphological and semantic attributes.

Language Identification

Identify what language a text is written in, including multilingual text. It detects the language of the input text and returns a list of sentences with their respective language.

Core NLP Tools for
Syntactical Analysis

Available in 21 languages

Try our multilingual core NLP tools for syntactical analysis for free on our NLP API platform or request a demo for a personalized solution.

Bulgarian Croatian Dutch German Japanese Slovak Spanish
Catalan Czech English Hungarian Portuguese Slovenian Swedish
Chinese Danish French Italian Russian Serbian Turkish
Bulgarian Dutch Japanese Spanish
Catalan English Portuguese Swedish
Chinese French Russian Turkish
Croatian German Slovak
Czech Hungarian Slovenian
Danish Italian Serbian


Produce parse trees describing the structure of the constituents of each sentence.


Split text into sentences accurately, taking into account Natural Language rules.


Split text into sequences of linguistically significant units (tokens), making the scope of your analysis more precise.

POS Tagging

Determine the Part of Speech (POS) of each word in a sentence, helping you solve disambiguation.

Phrase Extraction

Extract the relevant multi-word nominal, verbal, adjectival or adverbial phrases using morphological and syntactic analysis.


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