multilingual synthetic training data

Intent Detection
for customer support automation


    Industrialize training data production for any voice-controlled device, chatbot or IVR using artificial training data.

    • Recognize a user´s intent in any platform
    • Improve up to 90% accuracy
    • Identify the sentiment of client reviews


    Multilingual Training datasets for intent detection

    We help you understand your customers either if you do not have any existing training data or need to increase your accuracy or expand to other languages with consistency.

    Our industry-agnostic NLP engine has around 90% of intention recognition accuracy. It understands free speech, not just predefined phrases.


    Multilingual synthetic training data

    Machine Learning is one of the most common use cases for Synthetic Data today mainly in images or videos. We offer text training data in any language you need. Quickly scale or increase the amount of data in a fast and flexible way.

    If you need to build from scratch

    if you have existing training data

    Generation of Multilingual Training Data:

    • We offer different options according to your needs. From our pre-built vertical templates (bootstrapping) covering the most common intents for each vertical, to custom datasets for customer specific requests. 

    • We can add advanced module datasets covering regional variants, politeness, expanded abbreviations, offensive or small talk…

    if you have existing training data


    Augmented Synthetic Training Data

    • If you want to increase the accuracy or expand the scope with more intents or utterances.

    • We can automate the process and generate the training data you need in any language.
    • Our Quality Assurance and Improvement service allows to retrain the model regularly.

    verticals available

    Retail- Ecommerce





    Media Streaming



    Field Service

    Mortages & Loans

    Wealth Management

    Legal Services



    Restaurants & Bars

    Events & Ticketing

    Moving & Storage




    Real State

    do you still train manually?

    This is our value proposition:


    Reduce Time to Market

    Deliver effortless customer support by avoiding manual training data.

    Customized for different domains & languages

    Boostrapping with our templates: 20 verticals in 9 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Portuguese).

    Easy Integration

    Customized data to integrate on any platform (Dialogflow, LUIS, Lex…) with up to 40% accuracy improvement.

    Data Augmentation

    If you already have your own training data but would need to expand the scope (intents, variants…) or increase the accuracy.


    Scalability & Modularity

    Consistency between intents, verticals and languages. Enables fast error correction and speed of retraining.


    Full Data Protection

    Avoid data privacy issues. We do not use personal data: no need consent or regulatory obligations. 

    Sentiment Analysis

    We help you routing or understanding the customer journey, get customer insights and quality assurance services.

    Technology Leader

    Bitext can improve the performance of almost any conversational engine and project (Gartner in “Cool Vendors in AI Core Technologies”)

    Why we are different

    Customer service automation using artificial intelligence and natural language processing to recognize customer intent and respond accordingly.

    90% Accuracy

    The only company in the world that offers intent detection with 90% accuracy.


    Linguistic Approach

    Artificial Training Data with linguistic structure for Natural Language Understanding.

    Detect customer insights

    Apply Sentiment Analysis to your conversations to detect trends and improve customer experience.

    Retail Use Case

    Deploying a bot which is able to engage in sucessful converstions with customers worldwide for one of the largest fashion retailers.

    A Benchmark based on Dialogflow shows increased standard accuracy +40%.

    See how automatic training improves manual training.

    Get the full dataset used to generate the benchmark results. Check out how easy is to integrate the training data into Dialogflow and get +40% increased accuracy.

    Our customers

    Working with 3 of the Top 5 largest companies in NASDAQ

    Working with 3 of the Top 5 largest companies in NASDAQ

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