Multilingual Datasets for Conversational and Generative AI

Supported Languages and Variants

In an era where Conversational and Generative AI are paving the way for advanced dialogue systems, mastering multiple languages is crucial. Bitext’s datasets are engineered with precision to enhance the linguistic capabilities of AI, fortifying the foundation for intelligent, multilingual interactions.

Hybrid Datasets in 14 Languages and Language Variants

We’ve developed our datasets to include an extensive range of languages and regional variants to ensure AI applications deliver accurate and culturally coherent interactions. Our datasets cover the following languages:


🏳 English

🏳 Spanish

🏳 German

🏳 French

🏳 Italian

🏳 Dutch

🏳 Portuguese

🏳 Danish

🏳 Swedish

🏳 Polish

🏳 Turkish

🏳 Korean

🏳 Chinese  

🏳 Japanese 

In addition to these languages, we also provide support for various language variants, including:

🏳 Spanish from Mexico, Argentina and Colombia

🏳 German from Germany, Switzerland and Austria

🏳 French from France, Belgium and Switzerland

Our extensive language coverage ensures that your conversational bot can effectively comprehend and respond to user queries across different languages and regions. The depth and breadth of language coverage in our datasets guarantee that Large Language Models (LLMs) under Conversational AI frameworks can capture and respond effectively to user inquiries, bridging the gap between AI and human communication.


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