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Frequently Asked Questions

Bitext’s API is focused on the key operations for market research specialists: sentiment analysis, categorization, entity extraction and concept extraction.

Our customers typically use these online services to understand what the market is saying about their brands, products and services:

  • extracting insights from social media mentions,
  • analyzing surveys and Voice of the Customer tools,
  • or analyzing ratings and reviews from their web sites or third-party services.

Many of our customers are online services or market research agencies that integrate our API into their own offering, adding even more value to their services.

The monthly cost of our Standard Plan is 199€, which allows you to process up to 50 MB of text (around 500,000 sentences) for one language. For other plans, please contact us.

You can easily sign up for a Forever free account of our public API. When you are ready to purchase your Standard Plan, please check with us or use our purchase form.

If, after evaluating our Public API, you feel that it does not fully meet your requirements, you might benefit from our customization services. Contact us to learn more about how other customers extract all the potential from our linguistic technology through customized dictionaries and ad-hoc categorization schemes, tailored to their business needs.

Currently, our text analysis API can work with English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch and Catalan.

Other languages such as Russian or Basque are currently in beta stage and will be updated soon.

Bitext subscriptions are always free forever, with 0.5 MB of usage, no credit card required.

Paid subscriptions enable 50 MB of text analysis requests/month. If you need an upgrade, please contact us.

Currently the limit of characters per API call is of 1000. We are working to increase that limit and we will do so promptly.

Public-interest projects, qualified nonprofits, students and academic institutions should contact us with details about their project’s needs and objectives. Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Please remember to check the Quick Start Guide and the code samples.

Customers with a paid plan can view dedicated support contact information on their user dashboard.

Email is the preferred method to contact our support team. Telephone or video-conferencing can be arranged for specific issues. Support is provided during our normal business hours.

24×7, priority support and project-specific SLAs are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Please remember to check the Quick Start Guide and the code samples.

Most customers use our integration with PayPal to process their payments.

Payment via wire transfer can be arranged for those organizations unable to perform online payments. Please notice that this option could imply delays in account provisioning or service interruptions.

All API packages are invoiced. VAT might be added for applicable customers, as per Spain and EU’s tax laws.

Contact us if you have a specific request about method of payment or invoicing.

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  • Text Analysis: Sentiment, Categorization, Entities, Concepts
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  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch or Catalan
  • Reference docs and technical support
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* 0.5 MB corresponds approximately to 5000 sentences

Sentiment Analysis

Bitext - Sentiment Analysis API

Text Categorization

Bitext Categorization API Service

Entity Extraction

Bitext Entity Extraction API Service

Concept Extraction

Bitext Concept Extraction API Service

Getting Started with the Text Analysis API

Once your account is activated, you can start sending requests to Bitext’s linguistic engine API via two different methods:

  • The web interface that you will find immediately after authenticating on the login page.
  • Consuming the API directly from your applications. The “normal” method for accessing the linguistic analysis engine.

API Documentation & Code Samples

The Bitext API Reference Manual is the main source of guidance about the API. In that document, you will find everything you need to know about sending requests to the API and processing its output.

Also, the following code samples will help you get started with the API: