Text Analytics Tools

Customer feedback management has become a very complex activity requiring multiple interfaces to cover all customer touch points: customer reviews, satisfaction surveys, web forms or social media. Customers are providing very useful insights on their experience.

The ability to quickly understand how your customers feel about your company is both critical and valuable. Precise analysis of that feedback could be a painful, time-consuming task. Relieve the stress and automate the process while boosting accuracy with our multilingual text analytics tools.

Multilingual Text Analytics Tools

Available in 21 languages & variants.

Try our multilingual core NLP tools for lexical analysis for free on our NLP API platform or request a demo for a personalized solution.


Sentiment Analysis

Identify the topics of conversation and evaluate, extract and quantify the emotional state or attitude of your customers towards those topics with a polarity score value.

Entity Extraction

Extract the relevant multi-word noun, verb, adjective or adverbial phrases using morphological and syntactic analysis.


Data processing technique that removes or replace personally identifiable information with special tokens. The result is anonymized data that cannot be associated with any one individual. 


Categorization service classifies your texts into groups according to your customized categories.


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