Save Time

Add thousands of training phrases within an intent.

Save Costs

Improve operational efficiency by automatically generating phrases.

Custom Phrases for Specific Use Cases

Start entering in new domains with minimal investment.

Spin Up a Solid Customer Experience

Boost your agents´ understanding skills. 


Support 9 root languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Portuguese. (Spring 2019)

See how automatic training improves manual training: a Benchmark based on Dialogflow

Increase accuracy in your Dialogflow agent up to 40% using Training Phrases generated by Bitext

Get the Full Benchmark Dataset to see the results for yourself

Check out how easy is to integrate training datasets into Dialogflow and get up to 40% increased accuracy

Are you still training your agents manually?

Long time ago, training was done manually; now, it’s automatically.

Even if you can have extensive conversation logs at your disposal, you must still organize, classify and tag them amanually for your agent to understand natural language.

Creating this dataset requires the expertise to avoid both language ambiguity and intent overlap when models are trained.*

Enterprises should only attempt to create their own chatbots and training data if they have enough data to work with, and the language, data science and machine learning skills to prepare that data. If these prerequisites do not exist in-house, third-party providers that specialize in data preparation, or providers that build and host chatbots, should be considered*.

*Gartner: Governance and Best Practices for Chatbot Development (April 2019) 

How to automate the training? Easy, with Bitext Custom Templates!

Discover our unique combination of expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to produce Artificial Training Phrases to get your existing agent up and running in no time with a 90% accuracy.

We do all the hard work!

We cover linear dialogs (slot filling) and non-linear dialogs (context-based).

Discover our Bitext Custom Templates for any use case and domain like hospitality, retail or travel. Don’t miss out either our Small Talk options!  

Your prebuilt agent will automatically understand thousands of diverse requests faster than ever before!

Bitext Custom Templates Offer: 

100% Quality Data

Our training datasets are generated by combining real-world sources with our unique symbolic NLG technology.


Custom training phrases for different domains. Conversational agents work best when the scope of what they need to understand is focused.


Broad Coverage

Cover more than 100 of the most common intents.

Fully Conversational

Our data covers linguistic phenomena such as negation and coordination. No more false positives due to keyword matching!

Increased Accuracy

Include over 1000 example utterances for each Skill.

Easy Integration

Our pre-tagged phrases can be easily integrated with your Dialogflow platform format.



Bitext can improve the performance of almost any conversational engine and project”

“End users frustrated with the performance or complexity of their chatbot developments will be interested in how Bitext can improve intent matching confidence and reduce development time”.

Anthony Mullen

2018 Cool Vendors in AI Core Technologies Report, Gartner

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