Customers are looking for quick answers to their questions. Important retailers like Zara, Zalando and H&M have noticed this need and realized that the best way to have more satisfied customers is to implement a chatbot in their contact center. And customers love it! According to Salesforce, 69% of consumers prefer to use chatbots because they deliver quick answers to simple questions. Besides increasing customer satisfaction, automated conversational platforms also reduce wait times, cut down expenses and help companies get customer insights.  

How can Bitext help retailers? 

Our unique take on NLP allows us to generate one of a kind multilingual synthetic training data for chatbots and other conversational platforms. Our secret? Easy, we focus on linguistics and apply that knowledge to NLG for data generation. In other words, we make sure that that our data reflects the way your customers speak and is tagged for linguistic phenomena. Other features of our data include:  


  • available in 77 languages 
  • assures a 90% accuracy level  
  • evaluation and retraining service 
  • 100% custom-made data 
  • Proven to reduce 35% of contact center expenses 
  • Works on any NLU platform (LUIS, RASA, lex…) 
  • Understands misspellings, regional slangs, double negation, double intent…

Our methodology and work quality are key factors that inspire worldwide leading companies to trust our work, including one of the biggest and fastest growing retailers in the world. Make sure to download this case study to learn more about our success working in the retail industry. Feel free to request a demo or email us at to get more information about this topic.



Discover how one of the largest fashion retailers in the world, covering 200 markets has made its bot more conversational.