Bitext Synonyms Data Resources

Boost the power of your search engine with our new NLP Tool. Bitext Synonym Data Resources updates Wordnet data set with more than 100,000 cognitive synonyms and 30,000 new or enriched entries that will make your customer’s search experience unproblematic and easy going.

According to a report published by the The Search Network, synonyms are an important trend in search engines. Adding a substantial list of synonyms to your search engine has been proven to expand the search engine’s understanding of customer queries and analyze data that is expressed in a more natural manner, giving users the ease of a seamless search experience. Here in Bitext, we are ready to hop on that trend and created the world’s largest synonym dictionary to upgrade your search engine to its best version yet.


Bitext Synonym Data Resources are a set of synonyms developed to augment Wordnet, a powerful open-source lexical database of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs that are grouped into sets of cognitive synonyms (synsets), each expressing a distinct concept.

Wordnet is outdated, the last version 2.1 was released in March 2005. Bitext has developed Synonym Data Resources to update, augment and extend the value and usability of Wordnet in today’s more sophisticated environment of machine learning and AI.

This proprietary data has been developed to meet the highest quality standards in the field of computational linguistics and is ready to ship. Custom data solutions can also be developed on specification to support particular industry verticals, new language support and/or very specific use case requirements.



  • 100K+ Synonyms which are linked word meanings / senses (synsets)
  • 30K+ new or enriched entries
  • High confidence rate of synonym quality

Data Parameters


  • Entries that are not present in WordNet
  • Entries that are present in WordNet but have been enriched with new synonyms/synsets.

Type of Entries


  • Single words (“beautiful”)
  • Multi-words (“be aware”)
  • Expressions (“hard to believe”)
  • Acronyms (“NBA”–>” National Basketball Association”)
  • Entities (“New York City”–>”NYC,Big Apple”)

Morphological Data


All synonyms can be linked to Bitext Lexical Data resources for lemmatization, POS and inflectional


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